Special Events


with KCM

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A wonderful opportunity for large organizations/group looking to give back!

Special event volunteer opportunities occur frequently throughout the year!

Group volunteer opportunities include: 

  • Special KCM programs; KCM Golf Tournament, KCM Gala
  • Special Projects
  • Emergency Events

In 2020, a total of 43,747 was served by KCM volunteers! 

Step 1

Want to Volunteer?

Click on the box below and begin the required application process!

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Step 2

Register for an Orientation Today!

Attend the required KCM Volunteer Orientation and review the KCM Volunteer Handbook!

Orientations are held weekly and provide incoming volunteers with the critical education needed to succeed in the role and flourish.

Sign Up for Volunteer OrientationReview the Volunteer Handbook

Step 3

Get Started!

Register for a special event volunteer shift by contacting the email address below! 

Diana Miller

KCM, Volunteer Coordinator


Verify your Hours!

You must have an application on file and have completed the orientation to proceed.

Please use the system already established by your school (eg. www.x2vol.com).  If you any questions please contact your school’s advisor.

For Verification Letters please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Diana Miller at Diana.Miller@ktcm.org

What our volunteers say about their experience

I enjoy volunteering at KCM Pantry giving back to those in need. The gratification of knowing I was able to help put food on table for others is very rewarding. My only regret is I wish i would have started volunteering earlier on in life.


"KCM helped me and my family 7 years ago. I now own my own business and now I am able to come back and share the love back with them. Whatever situation you are in, never give up. I'm a living example of someone who started at the bottom, going through a difficult time with me and my kids. I had to strive and work hard for it so let this be an example that anything is possible"

Andrew, former client, now a donor.

"The staff was so amazing with their help, compasssion and understanding. [Case Manager] was incredibly professional and truly an angel. thank you ALL so very much!!!"

Harvey victim.

“Never in my life had I had to struggle, hurt… go without. This past year everyone told me this was all in God’s plan and He would make something good out of the tragedy. I was listening… but not really believing. God has blessed us with so many people in our path to help me get back up and moving forward for my children. Thank you for your help and generosity! I am so thankful for every single one of you!”

Nancy – Social Services Client