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Volunteering at KCM is easy and fun!
To get started please complete the 3 steps below required for ALL KCM volunteers.
Once you’ve completed your Application, Orientation, and reviewed the Volunteer Handbook, you’re ready to choose your area of service.


Below are the different departments that need volunteers.

Resale Stores

The Resale Stores are critical to financial health and one of the most public-facing volunteer opportunities with KCM. Serve alongside the KCM staff as we engage with donors and community members on a daily...

Community Food Fair

Opportunities in the KCM Food Pantry sees our volunteers interact with dozens of our community members every day as week seek to help families in the...

Food Pantry

Opportunities in the KCM Food Pantry sees our volunteers interact with dozens of our community members every day as week seek to help families in the...

Social Services/Administration

Last year, the KCM Social Services Department conducted 34,051 case management sessions as they worked to assist families through a range of difficulties. In Addition to the Social Sevices Department, there are multiple opportunities for volunteering with the KCM administration...

Crisis Center

The KCM Crisis Center works to assist domestic abuse and sexual assault victims 24/7, 365 days a year! Bilingual volunteers are critically needed in this role! Click here to learn...

Community Garden

Dig up a new hobby while giving back to your community! The KCM Garden is the perfect fit for local gardeners looking to volunteer with our...

Group Volunteer Opportunities

The KCM Volunteer department is the perfect place for small and large groups looking to serve together as a team and give back to their community! Perfect for Sunday school groups, bible study groups, corporate groups, and...

Special Events

Periodically, situations arise that require special attention and a unique...

Court Ordered Volunteer Opportunities

For those seeking to fulfill court-ordered volunteer opportunities, click...

What our volunteers say about their experience

I enjoy volunteering at KCM Pantry giving back to those in need. The gratification of knowing I was able to help put food on table for others is very rewarding. My only regret is I wish i would have started volunteering earlier on in life.

Name of Volunteer

"Amazing people too bad I no longer live in Katy they truly help me out in my time of need. I never thought I was going to go through family violence and need there help with food but I did. They help me out so much I won't ever be able to repay them"

- Domestic Violence Survivor

"KCM helped me and my family 7 years ago. I now own my own business and now I am able to come back and share the love back with them. Whatever situation you are in, never give up. I'm a living example of someone who started at the bottom, going through a difficult time with me and my kids. I had to strive and work hard for it so let this be an example that anything is possible"

Andrew, former client, now a donor.

"[Case Manager] took her time to explain, help and executed goals in a timely manner. She gave me hope and never made me feel bad about my situation. Life saver."

Social Services Client

"I have had a wonderful experience at KCM. They have shown me much-needed help. 2 years ago I was making $60.00 a hour. I became sick with MS and had to stop working. Needing help, I was referred to this agency. I have been overwhelmed with the love and concern given to me. Kindness is repaid. These wonderful folks have shown that and more. Merry Christmas, may God bless each and every one of you."


"The staff was so amazing with their help, compasssion and understanding. [Case Manager] was incredibly professional and truly an angel. thank you ALL so very much!!!"

Harvey victim.

"I am so thankful. I was literally at my witts end. I could not take much more. Feeling hopeless. You made me feel so much better"

Client in need of food and mortgage assistance.

“Never in my life had I had to struggle, hurt… go without. This past year everyone told me this was all in God’s plan and He would make something good out of the tragedy. I was listening… but not really believing. God has blessed us with so many people in our path to help me get back up and moving forward for my children. Thank you for your help and generosity! I am so thankful for every single one of you!”

Nancy – Social Services Client