Food Pantry

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink,
I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”
Matthew 25:35


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Katy Food Pantry

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We can always use smiling faces and helping hands. Click here for more information on how you can get involved.

Mission Statement

“Helping meet the nutritional, emotional, and spiritual needs of others through Christ’s love and the generosity of the community”

Vision Statement

“Providing community based nutritional and health services for all ages that honor Christ’s commitment to meeting the basic needs of others”

Katy Christian Ministries Food Pantry provides:

  • Three day nutritionally balanced supplement of non-perishable food up to twice monthly
  • Personal care items provided every other month
  • Birthday bags to our client’s children for their special day
  • Fresh produce from yard gardeners, local farmers & the KCM Community Garden

KCM Community Garden:

Katy Christian Ministries Community GardenTo serve and strengthen community bonds, provide food, and create recreational and therapeutic opportunities for our community by creating and sustaining a handicapped accessible organic garden.

  • 1 Acre, organic handicap accessible Garden which helps supplement client nutritional needs
  • Volunteer Maintained
  • Volunteers Needed
  • Gardening Supplies accepted as donation to help maintain

We were recently featured in…

Food Pantry and Garden – Fast Facts for 2011

The Food Pantry resides within the Administration building, along side a Crisis Center, and Social Services department. Two Resale centers and a collection center serve the Ministry as well.

1.) Over 6,800 families were served in 2011 in the Food Pantry

2.) Items distributed included:

  • Bags of groceries and personal care items
  • Cartons of milk and juice
  • Hamburger meat, rice and dry beans
  • Fresh vegetables from our Community Garden

3.) Volunteers include over 180 adults and 175 youth per month, contributing 900 hours of service

4.) Most requested items include vegetable oil, dry laundry detergent, family size shampoo, Ritz crackers and tuna

5.) The Pantry collects Box Tops and Education Label coupons along with plastic and paper grocery bags.

6.) Gardening activities include:

  • 40 raised beds with 2,000 sq. feet of organic gardening space which provided 6,200 pounds of fresh vegetables to supplement the client’s nutritional diet
  • Flower garden providing fresh-cut flowers
  • Newly planted orchard to provide variety of fruits

7.) Multiple volunteer opportunities and small-group projects exist for all ages both in the Food Pantry and gardens

Red Barrels in Katy area grocery stores benefit KCM.

100% of all financial donations are allocated per donor request!

For More Information Please Call: 281-391-3730