Today, around the world, people are encouraged to give. For some, that means giving financially to an organization that they cherish. For others, this means extending a helping hand to those who are in critical need. The “how” you give is not the focus today, it’s the pure act of giving.

Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 as a way to encourage people around the globe to do good in their community. What started modestly in New York City has grown into an international day of joy, and Katy Christian Ministries is so happy to be a part of that.

Traditionally, Giving Tuesday is a single day to highlight the work of Nonprofits and Charitable causes that make a difference in their respective communities. 2020 has changed just about everything in our daily lives, so we thought we’d make some changes to Giving Tuesday of our own. Thus, the Week of Giving.

Starting today, and lasting until Dec. 7, KCM will take each day to highlight one area of operations. From Social Services, Crisis Center, Food Pantry, Volunteer Department, Admin, Grants, and Resale Team, each branch of the KCM Tree will be acknowledged.

KCM is full of passionate individuals who we’d like to shine a spotlight on. These individuals range from volunteers to program directors, all the way to the resale staff. Everyone is critical to the success of KCM and we’d like to share a glimpse of their work with you over the next week.

Additionally, this also means showing you how to best get involved with KCM. Getting involved with KCM means more than just giving financially or volunteering, although those are critical needs. Things like organizing a food drive, donating to the Resale store, or even shopping at the store go along with in helping KCM. For example, 90 cents of every dollar earned through the KCM Resale stores goes directly to fund programs that serve to uplift the Greater-Katy Area.

Speaking of stores…for the next week, KCM Resale will be selling #UnSelfie Cards (See Below) to raise money for the KCM End of Year Campaign. Now, you’re probably asking what’s an UnSelfie?

An UnSelfie is an opportunity to highlight a nonprofit of your choice on social media and share details about what they do in your community and how to help them. In KCM’s case, these cards will be for sale and put up for display in the KCM Resale Stores over the next week. These cards are your opportunity to tell the community why you support KCM. To coincide with this, KCM is using #KCMUnSelfie to track participation! Even if you don’t come down to one of our Resale Stores, we highly encourage you to take the #KCMUnSelfie Challenge and post to your social media pages why you choose to support KCM! We love hearing from you, and we hope you join us as we celebrate this upcoming Week of Giving.

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