Since Feb.15 Katy Christian Ministries has closed all of our facilities in reaction to the devastating winter storm that recently impacted the State of Texas. Beginning today, Feb. 19, KCM will begin reopening our doors, starting with our Resale Store location on First St. The KCM Food Pantry will reopen to clients on Monday, Feb. 22. Currently, the KCM Crisis Center and Social Services department are already at work returning phone calls from community members, clients, and others who are in need.

KCM’s First St. Resale Store will reopen to the public today, Feb. 19. Our second Resale location, located on Kingsland Blvd. which opened in May of 2019, will be closed until further notice. The Kingsland location suffered from flooding and water damage. A team of staff and volunteers are currently assessing the damages and working to clean out the store to prepare for customers once again. We do not have a timetable for reopening at this time. Attached to the bottom of this release are photos of the Kingsland Blvd. location showing just some of the damage. 

The KCM Crisis Center worked through the storm, continuing to help victims of domestic violence. In one case, KCM was able to extend a hotel stay in an emergency situation, helping to provide the individual with selter during the storm. Our advocates in the Crisis Center continue their work. We are grateful for their passion during this time of uncertainty and crisis. Our advocates are available 24/7, via our two hotlines, Domestic Violence: 281.391.4357; Sexual Assault: 281.693.7273.

KCM Social Services have been at work for the past two days returning phone calls and scheduling appointments to help community members and clients in need during this time. For those seeking assistance from KCM, we encourage them to call the KCM Social Services department at 281.391.9623. If no case managers are available to take the call, we are asking those in need to leave a message with their name, and contact information. A KCM case manager will return their phone call as soon as possible. We do ask for patience at this time, as not all of our case managers are able to work due to power outages.

Veterans in the community who are seeking assistance should contact As part of our “Help-A-Hero” campaign, veterans in our community can receive help in the form of rent/utilities assistance, child care, and transportation assistance. This campaign is not restricted by zip code so all local veterans who need help are highly encouraged to contact KCM.

The KCM Food Pantry will reopen on Monday, Feb. 22 and resume normal hours of operations. For those seeking assistance, we highly encourage those in need to schedule an appointment through the KCM Social Services Department. However, during this time of crisis, we will provide families with emergency food until a proper appointment with a KCM Case Manager can be made. We do not want any family to go hungry. For those seeking emergency food during this, please email Last year, KCM was able to distribute more than 1.7 million lbs of food through our Food Pantry. 

KCM Executive Director, Deysi Crespo, is humbled by the outpouring of support shown for KCM during the last few days, and prays for continued support during the days, weeks, and months ahead.

“With most of the storm behind us, we set our sights on uplifting a community that has had to persevere through multiple challenges in just the last calendar year. In recent days, volunteers have shown up to our doors and responded to our call for help,” Crespo said. “Our neighbors never cease to inspire me. I am grateful for this community and their heart. Our neighbors always respond when we need them most. I pray that this continues.”

For those in a position to safely and comfortably do so, KCM asks for anyone interested in volunteering to visit to register as a volunteer today. In-kind donations are also critically needed at this time so that KCM can properly fill the needs of our neighbors. To donate to KCM, those interested are encouraged to visit