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About the Capital Campaign

In 2015, KCM engaged consultant firm Dini Spheris to conduct an environmental scan and to begin a strategic planning process creating a five-year plan that would promote a healthy and strong message to the community demonstrating the importance of the organization. Since that time, KCM has accomplished most of its goals ahead of the five-year planning schedule. As an organization, KCM has attained a greater level of community involvement, wants to maintain the impact on the community, and engages the means necessary for its continued growth.

In July of 2019, the KCM management team engaged in a partnership with mentors to facilitate the creation of a new Strategic Plan 2021-2025. The new plan was designed to help KCM continue into the next level of effectiveness in the community, provide expansion of greater resources and move into areas needed for growth in the future. It was also designed to concentrate efforts in the areas of development such as building new initiatives and strengthening them for improved sustainability. Furthermore, it emphasized the needs of the community utilizing a holistic model of services and the adequate space required to thrive.

The purpose of the new Strategic Plan 2021-2025 centered on the expansion of KCM’s Vision, maintaining its Mission and Core Values, with a focus on continued growth and expansion of the organization. Key objectives for the process included:

Renewing the Vision for KCM while maintaining its Mission and Core Values.

Setting new goals to continue and expand on the current and completed goals.

Planning for the next five years of growth for KCM.

Therefore, the two main Board approved goals for new the Strategic Plan 2021-2025 are:

1. By the end of 2025, KCM will acquire a facility with sufficient space to meet current and future growth.

2. By the end of 2025, KCM will manage a diversified income portfolio with continual annual growth.

These two main goals are the branches of the big overarching goal and new vision:

BHAG: “By 2025, Katy Christian Ministries will expand programs and own, unencumbered, a facility to meet the needs of the greater Katy community.”

KCM’s new Vision: “Self-Sufficient communities through Christ’s love”


All funds raised will be for the down payment of this new property, all associated costs for capacity improvements, and relocation expenses.  

Donations and Crowdfunding

Besides general donations, KCM is excited to announce that we have created the option through our donation system to crowdfund for a given amount making it easier than ever to donate to KCM. Start a donation drive in support of the KCM Capital Campaign by clicking the button below or to make a standard donation now!

The KCM Donor Wall

Katy Christian Ministries is ecstatic to announce a new, exciting aspect of the KCM Capital Campaign, the KCM Donor Wall! To recognize the incredible generosity of this community, KCM is currently rolling at the opportunity for donor wall recognition at our new facility.
All donors who donated at least $500 will be honored with a decorative plaque that will be part of an artistic design honoring our donors who made the purchase of a new building possible! Below, you can see a mock-up of what the design will look like. Once a donor has made their donation under these levels, their gift will be cataloged and they will be contacted at a later date so that we can record their message that will be displayed.
All donations made prior to this announcement that fall within the criteria outlined above will receive a donor plaque as well! We are so close to making this dream a reality and we hope you help us see it through!
See the graphic below to see our donation brackets and concept art of the Donor Wall!

Through your support, Katy Christian Ministries can match the current growth of the Greater Katy-Area and prepare for the future. Securing a new facility to house our ministry is among the most critical undertakings KCM has undergone in years. Please, consider donating to help us reach our goal. Whether it is $5 or $500, it will take a village to see this task through.

Deysi Crespo, MSWExecutive Director

Katy Christian Ministries Leadership

The blessing that has presented itself in the form of this new property would allow for our passionate network of volunteers to further assist this community. Volunteers are at the heart of the Food Pantry and KCM in general. This opportunity will help them flourish as we go about our mission of uplifting those in need through God's grace and the generosity of the community.

Krissy ShetterlyFood Pantry Director

Grants are a critical aspect of the daily operations of Katy Chrisitan Ministries. Without these opportunities, serving this community would be nearly impossible. In our current operations model, I am in constant communication with the entire KCM team, as many of them contribute to our successful grant applications. Reuniting the team under one roof would not only streamline the process but create a more efficient path for day to day operations.

Carolyn ChandlerGrant Officer & Program Director

Volunteering is among the most critical outlets that KCM houses internally. With this proposed expansion, the volunteer department can finally receive the critical training spaces so that we can equip of community with the tools they so desperately need. At our current facility, we offer so much hope, I can only dream of what we could achieve with a larger open, space.

Jeannette TrejoVolunteer Coordinator

The KCM Board of Directors

Our goal with this project is first and foremost to match the growing needs of this community. As we always have, lifting up the people of the Greater-Katy Area, is our focus. This Capital Campaign provides us with the opportunity to continue to match the needs of this community and extend our helping hand to anyone that needs it. Taking further steps to self-sufficiency will see KCM grow to new heights and this blessing is the first step to that. We ask for your support in this incentive.

Patti LacyPresident

I love volunteering with Katy Christian Ministries because KCM is meeting the needs of people in our own community. I believe in the integrity of the organization and I am proud to serve alongside the hardworking Board, staff, and volunteers of Katy Christian ministries

Becce SlinkardVice President

As the Greater-Katy Area continues to grow, KCM services must expand to match that growth. This new property, situated in the fastest-growing portion of the Katy area, will be a key driver for our growth plans. I fully expect the Katy area community to join KCM in this mission by supporting this very important capital campaign.

Robert AndersonSecretary